Our range of pre-mix cake mixes is perfect for beginner or professional bakers who love to experiment with new flavours, fillings and cake decorating. Available in bulk sizes or single use sizes, our industry grade cade mixes are both consistent and easy to use. With everything from classic vanilla and chocolate cake to indulgent red velvet and fruity sponge cake, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

How can I make a cake mix better?

The following points are ways you can enhance a cake mix: 

  • Use room temperature ingredients
  • Replace water with milk
  • Replace oil for butter
  • Use more eggs
  • Add vanilla extract
  • Decorate your cake - This may include homemade frosting or icing.
  • Add flavour with an extract or citrus zest

Does cake mix taste better with milk or water?

Using milk with your cake mix instead of water will add a more dense texture to your cake which will make it more moist and flavourful when baked.

Can you overmix a cake mix?

Yes! You can definitely overmix a cake mix. When overmixed, the raw cake batter will become more runny and watery. If the cake mix is too liquidy the cake can take longer to bake and may not cook properly. To prevent overmixing, only mix in the flour until it has disappeared and then stop.

Does raw cake batter go bad?

As most raw cake batters contain dairy products, they can go bad and grow bacteria very quickly if left out at room temperature. Once you have combined the cake mix, the best way to store it is in the fridge to prevent this.