Looking for something to add a little extra sparkle to your cakes and desserts? Look no further than our lustre dusts collection! Made with edible shimmering powder, these dusts can be applied to both dry and wet surfaces to create a range of effects. Whether you want a subtle sheen or a more dramatic look, our dusts will help you achieve it. And with a wide range of colours to choose from, you can really let your creativity shine. So why not add a little extra dazzle to your next baking project?

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What is lustre dust?

Lustre dust is very fine particles that leave a shimmery, subtle sheen effect and a touch of colour on sweet treats.

Is lustre dust really edible and what desserts can I put it on?

Lustre dust is safe to eat with ingredients like mica-based pearlescent pigments that are completely safe to eat. Lustre dust is perfect to put on cupcakes, buttercream embellishments, ganache, macarons and more. 

What is the difference between lustre dust and glitter dust?

The key difference between glitter dust and lustre dust is that glitter dust is larger in flake size, meaning it will be more textured. In comparison, lustre dust is very fine and gives a more subtle effect. 

How should I apply lustre dust?

Lustre dust can be applied in a few different ways: firstly a dry-dust application which is applying the lustre dust straight onto your treat with a dry brush or by creating a lustre dust paint solution through using clear alcohol, water or lemon extract to help paint the lustre dust on smoothly.