A round cake tin is a kitchen staple, whether you’re wanting to bake a cake, tart or pie. We have a great range, from small 9 cm cake tins to convenient springform tins all the way to 13 cm deep cake pans. We even stock cake rings, bundt pans, and hollow and ball shape pans for specialty cakes and creations.

Round Cake Tin Frequently Asked Questions

What size round cake tins do you stock?

With a range of round cake tins from 4" all the way up to 16", you’ll be able to bake the biggest (or smallest) round cake you want, or even make beautiful round tiers.

What is the best size for round cake tins?

The best size of round cake tin is typically considered to be the standard 9" tin. These tins tend to be the most versatile working with the most cake recipes.

Can I use a round cake tin instead of a square one?

While you can substitute a square cake tin to a round one, you’ll need to make sure you’re accounting for the change in volume. On average, a circular tin of the same length (i.e. 6" round cake tin vs 6" square tin) and height holds 25% less volume than a square tin. As such, you should size the round cake tin up one inch, for example a 4" square cake would convert to a 5" round cake.