Our extensive range of cookie cutters, stamps and embossers allows you to decorate cookies, cakes and pastries. From holiday shapes and snowflakes to animals, fruit and flowers, we’ve got the cookie cutter to do the job. Mix it up, add to your collection or start a new tradition with new cookie cutters each season!

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Cookie Cutters & Biscuit Cutters

How do you keep your cookie cutters from sticking to the dough?

The great news is that there are two ways that you can do this depending on what you have. Firstly you can use any form of cooking oil and rub it all over the cookie cutter before pressing it into the dough. 

You can also fill a bowl with flour and dip the cookie cutter into the flour before pressing it into the dough.  

For the cookie cutters with more intricate designs, we recommend using something long, slender and blunt, like a chopstick, to gently push out the dough that is getting stuck in the small spaces.

Are cookie cutters oven safe?

We recommend that you do not put cookie cutters in the oven. Our plastic cookie cutters will melt in the oven and will create a big mess. You can technically put our stainless steel cookie cutters in the oven however we don’t advise it as they will get extremely hot and can become a safety hazard when it comes out of the oven.  

Are cookie cutters dishwasher safe?

We recommend that you hand wash both of our plastic and stainless steel cookie cutters. The dishwasher can melt the plastic if done at too high of a temperature and can cause the stainless steel cookie cutters to rust. Wash them in warm soapy water and wait until they’re 100% dry before putting them away to prevent rust. 

How do I store cookie cutters?

Firstly, it is important that the cookie cutters are completely dry before you store them anywhere to prevent them from rusting. We’ve seen some brilliant ways people have come up with to store them such as in cookie jars, in clear tubs, on paper towel holders and more. The opportunities are endless!

How do you use cookie cutters?

Cookie cutters are super user friendly and are very easy to use. Simply flour a clean surface and rolling pin, roll out your dough and begin pressing the cookie cutters into the dough to create your cookie shapes. We recommend cutting your shapes close together to make the most out of your dough. With the leftover scraps, knead them back into a ball and repeat these steps until there is no dough left. 

Do you use a cookie cutter before or after baking?

You can use cookie cutters before and after baking, however we recommend that you cut the cookie dough before baking it. Doing so will allow you to properly shape your cookies beforehand and will help you get the most out of our dough. Although it’s not impossible to use cookie cutters after baking, they’ll be more difficult to clean and may crack your cookies.