Bring life to your cookies with our range of cookie stencils! Cookie stencils are an easy, quick and effective way of elevating your cookies. Simply place the acrylic stencil on the cookie, spread royal icing on top, or you can use an airbrush, and just like that your artwork is complete. How easy is that! If you want to create a 3D effect we recommend that you combine this technique with a cookie embosser.

Cookie & Biscuit Stencils

How do I use cookie stencils?

Cookie stencils can be used in two ways to elevate your cookies. The first method is to place the acrylic stencil on the cookie and spread royal icing on top, patting it down ever so slightly. For more precise results, you can use an airbrush.

The second method is to use your cookie stencil to emboss your fondant, which results in a pretty 3D effect.

Do you use a cookie stencil before or after baking?

Because cookie stencils are a tool used to decorate icing, they should be used after baking.

Can cookie stencils be used on cakes?

Yes, there are almost no limits as to what cookie stencils can be used for! A creative way to make the most of your cookie stencils is to use them to create a partial stencilling effect on your cakes, should you so desire.