Bake all your favourite recipes with our huge range of baking supplies. From cupcake papers and baking tools to mixes and flavours, you’ll find everything you need to make fun and delicious creations. With 100s of products available from trusted brands such as Berry Fresh, Bakels and Mondo, you know you’re getting great quality products and ingredients every time.

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Baking Tools & Supplies

How do I store my baking supplies?

If you love baking, your collection of baking supplies can quickly get out of hand! To ensure you get the most out of your baking supplies, we recommend hand washing them after use and ensuring that they are completely dry before putting them away, before storing them in a cool and dry space. It might help if you create a dedicated Baking Zone in your pantry, where you store all your baking supplies in one convenient space.

How should I organise my baking supplies?

Containers are your best friend when it comes to organising baking supplies. Not only do they help keep small pieces such as cupcake liners and piping bags together and organised, but they'll also stop dust from accumulating in bigger items such as baking tins. Adding custom slats to a drawer is a great way to store flatter items such as cookie trays vertically, so you can easily grab them out when you want to use them.

If you want to show off your baking prowess, why not use a spice rack to display your sprinkles or a pegboard for your cookie cutters?

How do you clean baking tools?

It's important to clean your baking tools as soon as you've finished using them. Mild dish soap and hot water will be enough to tackle grime on most baking tools, but if your batter is baked on (such as with a baking tray), you might want to try soaking your items in a mix of warm water, baking soda and vinegar. For wooden items such as rolling pins, avoid soaking them, only wiping them with a dry cloth. Make sure you avoid placing any plastic tools in the dishwasher in case they melt.