Regular food colouring not vibrant enough? Look no further than our range of gel food colouring here at Cake Decorating Central. Gel food colouring is highly pigmented and is ideal for when you want to take your colouring to the next level without compromising texture. Gel food colouring is highly concentrated and produces a vibrant effect with only a little amount. Therefore we recommend that you add a tiny bit of gel at a time until you reach your desired effect. We also recommend that you use it in food that can be easily mixed such as frosting but not in doughs as it may be hard to blend. 

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Is there a difference between liquid food colouring and gel food colouring?

Excluding the variance in texture and form of gel food colouring and liquid food colouring, the main point of difference is that gel food colours can create a more vibrant colour without any unnecessary liquid.

If you are looking to create that bright colour for your sweet treat, gel food colouring will be one of the best options as it will create a brighter colour than oil based colouring and liquid food colouring.

What are gel food colours used for? 

Gel food colours can be used to colour fondant, gum paste, buttercream, dough & royal icing on cakes, cupcakes, decorations and more.  

How do you use gel food colouring?

With our range of gel food colours, you are able to simply squeeze the desired amount of gel food colour out of the bottle and then mix it in. 

Can you use regular food colouring instead of gel for icing?

Yes, you can certainly use standard food colouring for icing! Gel food colouring is one of the popular options for colouring icing, however, you can definitely use liquid food colouring if that's what you have around the house or would like to use.

How many drops of gel food colouring should I use?

The amount of gel food colouring you use will depend on what you are making and how rich you would like the colour to be. To start colouring, begin with using 1-2 drops at a time and continue to do so until you have achieved the colour you want.

Can I mix different gel food colours? 

Much like standard food colouring, you are able to mix different gel food colours together to create the best colour or shade. Nonetheless, we recommend experimenting prior to the application to prevent any mishaps.