Get creative with these cute cookie embossers that range from Christmas to Halloween and everything in between. Great for personalising cookies in party bags or leaving an extra special message on birthday cookies for kids and grown-ups alike. Our cookie embossers are essential baking tools for creating a decorative effect on your cookies. Available in numerous different shapes and sizes, they are ideal for adding unique character to your homemade creations.

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Cookie & Fondant Stamps

What is the difference between cookie embossers and debossers?

This is a very common question and it’s very easy to get the two confused with each other! An embosser will stamp a design into your fondant and will leave an imprinted message or image. And on the other hand, a debosser will stamp a design into your fondant however instead of imprinting a message or image, it will pop it out of the fondant, giving it an almost 3D effect!


How do cookie embossers work?

Simply roll out your fondant with a rolling pin, place the stamp on the fondant and press it down, and remove the stamp to unveil the design. Then place your design on top of the cookie and attach with a tiny bit of corn syrup or glucose.


How do you clean cookie embossers?

We recommend hand washing these in warm soapy water only as they are not dishwasher safe.


What icing do you use for cookie embossers?

We recommend using chocolate paste or fondant. Just roll it out, out Chocolate Paste or Fondant, emboss the pattern and cut out around it with whatever cookie cutter you used for the cookies.


Can you imprint on royal icing?

Yes you can! Although we recommend embossing on fondant or chocolate paste, this is definitely possible. Simply pipe the royal icing on the cookie, wait for it to dry and then stamp it.


Do you use cookie embossers before or after baking?

We recommend embossing fondant after the cookies have been baked. This is so we can get the accurate shape and size of the dough after it has expanded to its largest size. It is also important to let the cookies cool down to avoid the fondant, icing or paste melting.