Decorate your favourite sweet treats with quality sprinkles from Cake Decorating Central. You're sure to find a sprinkle for every occasion from cakes and cookies to brownies and ice cream. Available in basic colours, beautiful blues or vibrant hues, some styles even include decorative pieces like hearts or stars and many more. You will be delighted with our selection of sprinkles that make decorating your baked masterpieces fun and easy.

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Cake Sprinkle Frequently Asked Questions

Are sprinkles edible?

Yes, all of our sprinkles are edible and are made primarily from sugar.

How do you put sprinkles on the side of a cake?

To stick sprinkles to the side of your cake, the first step is to place your cake on a turn table and frost it with a buttercream frosting. Once you've smoothed your buttercream to the desired finish, grab a handful of sprinkles and angle your hand directly next to the cake, so that the sprinkles are able to fall almost directly onto the cake. With your free hand, rotate the turntable until you reach the start point again. We recommend using an icing spatula to pick up and attach any sprinkles that didn't stick. Voila!

What kind of sprinkles should I use for a funfetti cake?

For funfetti cakes, we recommend using wax-coated sprinkles (also known as jimmies or quins) to reduce the risk of colour bleed. Although funfetti cakes traditionally use rainbow blend sprinkles, don't let that limit your creativity! You can easily make a holiday-themed funfetti cake using Christmas sprinkles, or a funfetti cake fit for a princess with our pink, blue and white blend jimmies.

How do I stop sprinkles from bleeding into my cake?

There are two main ways to stop sprinkles from bleeding - the first is to include less moisture within your frosting, so that the colour is less likely to be drawn out. The second way is to wait for your icing to semi-set before adding sprinkles.

We advise you do not let sprinkles sit for more than 12 hours, as with more time comes more risk of colour bleeding. In general, using higher-quality sprinkles with waxy coatings, such as those we stock, will also reduce the risk of colour bleeding.