Take your baking to the next level with our extensive range of piping tips. With a fantastic range of different styles and sizes, you’ll be able to glam up your cakes no matter whether you’re a beginner hobby baker or seasoned pastry chef.

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What are the different types of piping tips?

Piping tips differ in both their size and effect. Different effects include open and closed star piping tips which are great for beginners, ruffle and basket weave piping tips, as well as all your garden-effect piping tips such as drop flower, grass tips, leaf and petals to achieve beautiful finished goodies.

What size piping tips do you stock?

We have piping tips available in almost every size so no matter what you have in mind, you'll be able to create it with our collection of small piping tips for intricate designs and large piping tips for statement icing.

How do you use Russian piping tips?

Russian nozzle piping tips create a gorgeous ruffle finish, and due to their design are ideal for decorating cupcakes with eye-catching swirls in a single swift motion. To use them, simply fill your piping bag with a firmer icing (such as buttercream or Swiss meringue) and decide whether you're going to pipe directly onto your cake, or onto a piece of baking paper. Always start with a practise squeeze to ensure the frosting is evenly dispersed within the bag and comes out the tip easily. For the real deal, hold the Russian piping tip just above the surface you're working on with the nozzle pointing down, and apply steady pressure to the bag whilst pulling upwards as steady pressure. When your frosting is at three quarters of your desired size, release the pressure and pull upwards until the frosting separates from the tip. Et voila!

What are piping tips made from?

Piping tips are made from stainless steel, which makes them reusable, foodsafe, and easy to clean!