Whether you are a professional baker or just love to bake in your spare time, we have the cake decorations and cake toppers to make your cakes spectacular! Our collection of cake decorations includes an extensive and colourful range of cake sprinkles, sugar pearls, cake toppers in metal & acrylic, candles, cupcake toppers, candles and cake stands for your cupcakes & macarons. 

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Cake Decorations

Are cake decorations edible?

We stock a range of cake decorations, both edible and inedible. For example, all of our sprinkles, sugar pearls, and edible wafers are safe to eat, whereas acrylic cake toppers are not. The benefit of this is that they can be used time and time again, so you can choose cake decorations that best serve your needs. We also stock a range of speciality edible cake paint.

How do I stick decorations to my cake?

There are multiple ways to stick decorations to cakes. Buttercream frostings are great for sticking sprinkles, whilst sugar glue is fantastic for securing fondant decorations.

Are cake decorations gluten free?

By far the majority of our cake decorations are gluten free, the main ingredient being sugar. For more accurate information, please refer to the ingredients listed on each product's individual page. If you're looking for cake decorations suitable for coeliacs, why not go for a non-edible option such as candles?

Are cake decorations suitable for vegans?

Many of our cake decorations are suitable for vegans, however this differs on a product-by-product basis. Please check the ingredients listed on individual product pages for more accurate information.