Try topping your cupcakes with a swirl of color that makes your dessert really stand out. Add some flair to your cupcakes with our stylish cupcake toppers - from birthdays to holidays we have it all! Made from food safe, hard plastic figurines to last from party to party, add a touch of adorable glam effortlessly!

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Cupcake Topper Frequently Asked Questions

Are cupcake toppers reusable?

Whether cupcake toppers are reusable mostly depends on the material they are made from. We stock cupcake toppers in a range of materials, some of which such as our acrylic cake toppers are reusable. If you're wanting a reusable option, it's best to stay away from any edible wafer cake toppers as even if they remain uneaten, they may suffer from running colours and moisture absorption when attached to icing for an extended period.

Are cupcake toppers edible?

As with reusability, whether cupcake toppers are edible depends on what they are made from. We stock a great selection of wafer and sugar-based cake toppers for every occasion that are not only edible but taste great and in most cases are suitable for vegans and gluten-free individuals.

What themed cupcake toppers do you stock?

We stock cupcake toppers to suit any themed event. Whether you're after a cupcake toppers that is unicorn, Batman, Frozen, HalloweenMinion, Bluey or birthday themed, we have something for you.