Create the perfect cakes, brownies and crumbles with our extensive range of square cake tins. With various sizes and depths available, we’ve got the perfect square cake tin for all your baking needs. It’s never been more hip to be square!

Square Cake Tin Frequently Asked Questions

What size square cake tins do you stock?

We have a great range of square cake tins, starting from as small as 4x4 inches to as large as 16" by 3" No matter the size of square cake you plan to make, our range of square tins will have you covered!

Can you substitute a round cake tin for a square one?

Yes, you can absolutely substitute a round cake tin for a square one. You will however need to account for the different volumes of these two types of tins. Without boring you with all the maths, a square tin has a bit over 25% more volume and as such, you’ll need to size the tin down. For example, a 6" round cake roughly equals a 5" square cake.

What is a square cake tin used for?

Square cake tins are great for for brownies, cakes, layered & tiered cakes, and breads. Adventurous bakers even carve the square cakes into more abstract shapes for full creative flair!