Modelling paste and gum paste is a cake decorator's dream. These pastes are sugar-based doughs that can be rolled out and moulded into objects which then dry hard, perfect for detailed cake decorating. It can be used to make anything that needs to hold structure and is most often used to create flowers, petals, leaves, figurines and other small objects. Here you'll find a vast range of edible modelling paste, from chocolate to vanilla to coloured, we've got you covered!

Is modelling paste the same as gum paste?

Modelling paste and gum paste are sugar-based doughs that can be rolled out and moulded into different decorative elements which then dry firm. 

The only major difference between the two is that modelling paste takes longer to firm up and dry out than gum paste which gives you a longer amount of time to work with it. Gum paste is typically more stretchy than modelling paste. 

We offer a wide range of edible modelling pastes and gum pastes, from chocolate or vanilla to a variety of colours. 

What can I use gum paste and modelling paste for?

Modelling paste and gum paste are perfect for creating decorative elements that need to set hard e.g. sugar flowers, petals, leaves, novelty items and other small objects.  

How should I store gum paste and modelling paste?

The best way to store these pastes once opened is to keep them in an airtight container to avoid drying out. It is also important for these pastes to stay clear from direct sunlight to ensure it lasts. 

How long does it take for modelling paste to set? 

Allow at least 24 hours for your modelling paste to set.