High quality acrylic cookie debosser - perfect to use with fondant for cookies and cakes!

This design has been made to perfectly suit a 70mm round standard size cookie but as it's centered within a 100mm square non-stick debosser it is suitable for many shapes and size cookies.

How to Use Your 3D Raised Debosser

  • With the etched side up, lightly dust pre-rolled fondant with cornflour and place it over your debosser. Using a rolling pin, roll the fondant over the top in one smooth motion. This will push the fondant into the design, leaving it perfectly raised.
  • Gently peel the fondant away and place it on your bench. Use a cookie cutter to cut around the design. Lightly brush your cookie with water, then carefully transfer the cut fondant to your cookie, using a spatula.
  • You can complete the pattern by painting, dusting or lustreing or leave as is to create a more subtle finish