MORE Max Flavour MAPLE FUDGE 30ml dropper

Introducing More Max Flavours!

Monica of Moreish Cakes spent 18 months testing flavour makers from all around the world, from Italy to the US, from Canada to Asia... and in the end? Australia had just what she wanted to represent the More brand, starting with the all too important Limoncello, which makes up over 60% of the cakes that leave her studio.

Maple Fudge - A surprising winner in the focus groups! This fudgy maple syrup flavouring was a winner with the kids and adults especially when added to a vanilla cake batter or in buttercream and topped with cinnamon

More max taste, so a little goes a looooooooooong way!

Perfect for cakes, ganache, buttercream, macarons, meringues, marshmallows, and even royal icing!


VEGAN Friendly


Clear dropper bottle so you can see how much you have left plus with the dropper, control how much you use as less is more...

Create treats that make your taste buds tingle with More Max Flavours!

The large 30ml dropper bottle packs a powerful punch, making just 1g of product per 1kg of your final product the perfect way to add truly unique flavours to your desserts.

Ingredients: Propylene glycol (1520), synthetic & natural flavouring substances.

FREE from Cereals, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Milk, Nuts, Peanuts, Soy, Sulphits & Lupins

Any flavouring substance or preparation in this product is listed as GRAS by FDA and/or FEMA

Made from local and imported ingredients. Packaged in Australia by Moreish Group Pty Ltd.