Rolkem Duster BURGUNDY

    • Food Approved, semi concentrated colouring/edible dust
    • Dry dust over your finished gumpaste petals and flowers, fondant covered celebration cakes, royal icing cookies and more
    • Form up a paint consistancy by diluting with a clear alcohol, or popular Rose Spirit
    • Mix directly into chocolate and ganache in its powder form without diluting it first
    • Can also be added to fondant, gum paste, royal icing, buttercreams and cocoa butter
    • Water-Soluble
  • 10ml


E122 Carmoisine Lake, E163 Anthocyanin, E162 Betanin, E133 Brilliant Blue, E155 Brown HT, E140 Chlorophylis, E141 Copper Complexies of Chlorophylis, E100 Tumeric, E150a Caramel, E170 Calcium Carbonate.