Cake Board Products

Professional Cake Dowel Support 12mm (6pk)

Suit ½” 12.7mm dowel  

  • Provides superior support for your centre dowel
  • Strong reliable connection between the dowel and the cake board
  • Pack includes 24 self-adhesive rubber non slip feet for the board
  • Food grade material

These centre dowel supports have been designed and manufactured in Australia with a pending patent. They allow you to offer an engineered like connection and support between the dowel and the board.

A fixing support that provides the strength and stability needed to support the dowel so it can do its job.

These supports simply glue into the cake board and your dowel pushes onto it ensuring a proper fixing point and unsurpassed rigidity. Food grade material.

How to use:

  • Turn your cake upside down
  • Mark the centre of the board with your cake board centre finder
  • Drill and 18mm (11/16”) hole through the board
  • Hot glue around the hole on the underside of the board, don’t be shy on the glue.
  • Push the dowel support up through and hold in place until the glue sets
  • Fix four equally spaced self-adhesive rubber feet around the outside of the board to balance it
  • Self-adhesive rubber feet included in this pkt.
  • Now your board is ready to receive the centre dowel support.

Australian made, owned and designed product.