Letters & Numbers Press Set (88 Pieces)

  • This 88 piece number & letter cutter set makes it easy to imprint messages onto fondant, cookie dough and firm buttercream

  • This set includes 85 number/letter symbols & bar with 2 locks

  • Each number and letter is approximately 2.5cm

Quick Tips

  • Place the tiles in reverse order in the holder when using letters, numbers and symbols (They need to be in the mirror image of the final design)

  • Slide tile pieces on to the holder, and slide the flip locks on either side to secure tiles on the holder

  • With very light pressure, press design onto the side or top of cake to leave a slight impression

  • With a decorating bag and desired tip, pipe over design (an option to finish off the embossing)

  • When using buttercream, let the icing crust 15 to 20 minutes to make imprinting easier

Letters & Numbers Press Set