December 15, 2021 2 min read

Have you ever tried to frost a cake and it ended up a huge soggy mess? Don’t worry, we have too. That is why we are here today to share our years of experience to help you frost your cake like a pro! You’ll get the hang of it in no time. Below is a tutorial and the products we recommend you to use which you can find and purchase here at Cake Decorating Central.


What You Will Need

Preparing Your Cake

Before you begin to frost your cake, it is important that your cake has cooled down. If you spread frosting onto a warm cake, it could be a disaster as the warmth would begin to melt the frosting. We recommend that you chill the cake for at least two hours. If you’re short on time, try putting the cake in the freezer.

Once you’ve let the cake cool, the first step to preparing the cake is to level it. This isn’t mandatory, but it allows you to have a really smooth surface. This step is especially important if your cake has multiple levels. With the cake parts that you’ve cut off, you can re use these for other recipes such as cake pops!

Finally we recommend that you place your cake on a cake board for easy transportation. Simply add a small dollop of frosting and add your cake on top. This is to ensure that it doesn’t slip.


Putting a cake on a cake board

Frosting Your Cake

Begin adding a crumb coat to your cake by using a piping bag and tip. The crumb coat is a thin coating of frosting that is used to trap any excess crumbs that come off when you’re adding the first layer. With an offset spatula, gently spread a thin layer on the tops and sides of the cake. With the overhang, gently scrape the frosting to the middle and scrape the excess into the bowl

After the crumb coat, add the cake into the freezer for five minutes. If you’re looking for a naked cake look then you’re finished! But if not then it’s time to add your second layer. Follow the same steps for this. 

how to frost a cake

Decorating With Frosting

The great thing about frosting is that it’s so versatile! Not only can you use it to cover and smooth a cake, but you can decorate with it too! We recommend that you check out our range of piping bags and tips that will make it easy for you to great easy and crowd pleasing designs. Check out this amazing video below on different piping sizes and techniques that you could use: 

Another simple way to finish off your cake is to add a cake topper! Check out our cake toppers range here.