Cake Board Products

Professional Cake Dowel Support 6mm (16pk)

 Suit ¼” 6mm dowel              

  • Provides superior support between layers
  • Stops belly sag when stacking cakes
  • Provides a level structure in each layer
  • Load tested to 50Kg when using 4 dowels per layer
  • Food grade material

These dowel supports have been designed and manufactured in Australia with a pending patent. They allow you to offer an engineered like support column to each layer in your cake.

Just like the floors in a high-rise building, it’s the supports that provide the strength and stability for the floors above. Stacking cake is no different, you need to provide support so the dowel can do its job.

These supports simply push onto the ends of your dowels providing unsurpassed support and rigidity for each layer. The end result is a level well supported cake, without sag. Food grade material.

How to use:

  • Turn your cake upside down
  • Set your dowels in the cake (cut your dowels 5mm shorter than you cake height)
  • Push the supports onto the end of each dowel
  • Ganache the cake over the supports
  • Turnover and set on your board
  • Push the top supports onto the dowel
  • Ganache and set your next board on top
  • Repeat for each layer

Australian made, owned and designed product.