Lace Mix WHITE 500g

The lace mix from Sugar Crafty is an award winning edible lace mix which sets flexible in a variety of shallow lace/silicon moulds.

This lace mix comes in a 2 separate parts, Part A and Part B, inside the tub.

    • Easy to follow Directions:

    • 50g water

    • 50g lace mix Part A (dry mix)

    • 3g Part B (Liquid)

    • Mix lace mix Part A and water on medium speed for 2 minutes

    • Add Part B and mix for 5 minutes on high speed

    • Use a cake scraper to smooth mixture over the silicone mat ensuring a consistent thick coverage

    • Dry lace inside the silcione mould in a 80 degree celsius oven for approx. 12 minutes

    • Cool and carefully remove decorations from the mat

    • Alternatively, allow to air dry in the mat for approximately 8 hours

    • Attach to fondant cakes with a light spray of water or steam ge surface

  • Prepared lace decorations may be stored between baking paper for up to 3 months in cool dry conditions


Rice starch, Fructose, Glucose, Thickener E440, Colourings E71, Favour Vanilla, Preservative E202, Humectant E422, Emulsifier E433.