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Hearts and Flower Silicone Mould

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Hearts and Flower

  • Silicone Rubber Mouldsuited for sugarcraft and moulding other foodstuffs such as chocolate, marzipan etc. The material used is soft and pliable and possesses inherently good release properties, making demoulding essentially trouble free

  • It can be used and re-used many times and washed with household detergent like any other kitchen implement. As for all new kitchen equipment, we recommend that our moulds are washed prior to first use

  • Of course you can equally use it for moulding other craft materials such as Plaster of Paris, polyester, PU, wax and so on

  • The picture shows the mould itself, together with examples of what can be produced. The items are sugarpaste cake decoration either uncoloured or coloured for effect. These are shown for illustration only and are not included in the sale

  • To give an idea of size, the impression is about 20-30mm across