Gold Leaf Factory

Edible Silver Leaf - pkt 25

  • Genuine edible Silver leaf (transfer) is an ideal way to add a touch of luxury to your dessert and is especially beautiful on dark surfaces.

  • Each Silver leaf transfer is mounted by pressure to waxed paper.

  • It can be easily cut with a scissors and used like a transfer picture with the Silver side upside down. The surface being applied to should be lightly sticky. The Silver leaf will stay on the waxed paper until it is pressed onto the prepared surface and the backing is removed.

  • Packed in a booklet of 25 leaves, each

  • Silver leaf measures95 x 95mm

  • Each leaf of Silver leaf is extremely thin and will easily disperse in the mouth with no lingering aftertaste.

  • No animal products are used in its manufacture.

Edible Silver Leaf - pkt 25