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Crystal Candy STORM Gold Lace Mat

Storm Sugarveil Mat
Dimensions: 350 x 120mm

Lace Moulds for use with Crystal Lace icing
Our Range of Moulds for Edible Wedding Cake Lace Decorations

We make Moulds for Wedding Cake & Lace edging and lace mats that makes creating wedding cake finishes a breeze. (Okay, in other parts of the world, mould is spelled "mold", so lets factor that in here). These molds are created for using Crystal Lace and are also suitable for SugarVeil® icing and go perfectly, hand-in-glove. Decorating a wedding cake and need that special edging or finishing and you are just right out of ideas? Well, look no further, because our moulds forEdible Wedding Cake Lace edging are here just for you. So much so, we are producing the lace edging moulds that you can select from and make these beautiful lace edges and mats for yourself, without limits. Oh, and did we mention that these are perfect and may be used with Crystal Lace® icing, making them completely edible decorations?

Decorate cakes with finishes that are unlimited. Just apply a little of your imagination, the rest will come naturally.

Decorating wedding cakes is a creative challenge in itself, and we have just made it easier. Take a look at our range of lace and mat moulds, then order and create stunning finishes to your own wedding cakes - or anything else that requires a lace finishing edge that is fine and delicate. Create your own lace mats with our moulds.

Wedding Cake Lace Edging

For the novice wedding cake maker or the seasoned professional, this is for you. There are many different finishes to wedding cakes, but this has to be one of the most glamorous and delicate finishes to a wedding cake there is. Order your wedding cake & lace edging moulds today, and dazzle your client. Yes, the perfect mould for you and may be used with Crystal Lace.

Crystal Lace - Video Tutorial

Watch this short video tutorial that has been prepared for you.