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Crystal Candy REIGN Lace Mini Mat

Reign Sugarveil Mini Mat
Dimensions: 100mm

Silicone Moulds for Mini Mats
Our Range of Moulds for Edible Mini Mats

We make Moulds for All occasions and this makes decorating real easy. Take these Mini-Mats and integrate them with other ideas and designs, and you will have endless design finishes that will surprise friends and family and if you are doing decorating for a client, they too will be pleasantly satisfied.

Overlay them, integrate patterns (round and square) and even include the larger mats too. All depends on your decorating project and your creativity. No need holding back now.

Designer Mini Mats

Take these designs and make edible mats from fondant, chocolate, chocolate paste, sugarpaste, isomalt, biscuit and tuile. Our new Crystal Lace is also perfect for every occasion. These moulds are made of food grade silicone, so can be used with just about anything. And the great thing about these moulds - you can use them over and over, thousands of times. So what are you waiting for. Get your set and dazzle everyone with what you can come up with.

Mini-Mat Moulds - For Beautiful Designs

Get the professional finishing touch, by using a mould/s of your choice. Finishing can be to your hearts desire, and you can use any colours to "theme" your mat finishes. Looking for different mould designs? Wanting something suitable for wedding cake decorating?

Mini-Mat Decoration Ideas

Great care has been taken to create these moulds (which can be used with fondant ) and there are more to come. Not only is this a terrific idea for a decorating, it is an ongoing practical use thereof. Take the mould, and you can create with it as you wish, but don't stop with fondant - use chocolate, fine biscuit paste and more. Use more than one decoration and integrate.

We will continue to research and come up with great designs as well as those "not so common". This is a passion of ours, and fondant offers one way in which to express our creativity.