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Crystal Candy MYSTIQUE Lace Ribbon Mat

Mystique Sugarveil Ribbon Mat
Dimensions: 310 x 70mm

Silicone Moulds for Cake Ribbon Designs
Our Range of Moulds for Ribbon Cake Decorations

Our latest range of moulds for edible Cake Ribbon / Lace allows one to wrap a cake in dual colour finishes, that gives delicate and stunning finishes. If you are ever in need of a classy, finely finished cake - even a normal or average cake can be transformed with just this one ribbon lace - then these edible ribbon moulds are for you.

Integrate ribbon designs with edible diamond in your finishes. Include different colours to emphasise and accentuate or remain elegant and sophisticated with neutral and clear colours. The choice is yours.

Make Edible Cake Ribbon Designs

Use Crystal Lace to make edible ribbon decorations that will bring out the best in even a plain cake. Bring colour and flair to your cake finishes. Our moulds are easy to use, and you can make dual colours with them too. With a mould you can make multiple patterns, all edible, and you can integrte designs too. There is just no stopping you here.

These moulds are made of food grade silicone, so can be used with just about anything. And the great thing about these moulds - you can use them over and over, thousands of times. So what are you waiting for.

NOTE: Copyrights exist on all designs seen on this site.

How Are Ribbon Moulds Different

These mats are totally unique and you can now create stunning, flexible, edible ribbons to wrap around your cakes. Spread Crystal Lace onto the mat in one colour, and when finger touch dry, spread a different colour over the first.

This allows you to create a “two colour” ribbon. Its now just your imagination that you need to add to create a stunning effect.

Crystal Lace - Video Tutorial

Watch this short video tutorial that has been prepared for you.