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Crystal Candy LIZ Cupcake Collection

Liz Fondant Cupcake Topper
Dimensions: 100mm

Silicone Moulds for Cupcake Toppings
Our Range of Moulds for Edible Cupcake Decorations

We make Moulds for Cupcakes that makes creating cupcake toppings a breeze. (Okay, in other parts of the world, mould is spelled "mold", so lets factor that in here :-) ). These moulds are created for using fondant icing and go perfectly, hand-in-glove. Decorating a cupcake has never been easier. Simply make your topping, then get creative with how to finish the designer pattern - colour it, glitter it, apply gold or silver to get the distinguished, elegent or executive look - or the classic wedding look, or apply a decoration on top of the topping itself - as seen in the images below.

No matter what you do, it will turn out stunningly. Our cupcake topping moulds are the perfect compliment to your work. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, they will work for you. Its the ultimate finish any cupcake would be honoured to have.

How to Make Cupcake Toppings

Follow these Easy Steps:

1. Once baked, trim the top of your cupcakes and ice with buttercream icing into a “dome” shape.
2. Add CMC to your fondant (optional... 1 teaspoon per 500gms of fondant, and knead in well. Colour can be added at the same time.
3. Roll out fondant on a flat surface to your desired thickness, ±1/8” using an oil based release agent (vegetable shortening is recommended). We recommend using our “Fantastic Plastic” for a porcelain finish. No release agent is necessary.

4. Place your silicone mat face down on the fondant. Roll over once with a touch of pressure so that the design of the mat is embossed into the fondant.
5. Lift off the mat, and using the correct size cupcake cutter, cut the fondant into a circle.
6. Gently lift the circle and place onto your prepared cupcakes. Gently smooth in place.
7. Your cupcakes can now be highlighted with luster dusts to give a brilliant metallic-like finish.
8. Add pearls, icing flowers, edible glitters ... the design possibilities are endless!

Designer Cupcake Toppings

Our cupcake designs will make your project look great. Terrific in fact! Currently there are 12 in the range (and continually more being added each month), you will never run out of ideas. Designer cupcake moulds make your life so much easier. Our moulds can be used with fondant, chocolate, chocolate paste, sugarpaste, isomalt, biscuit and tuile. They are made of food grade silicone, so can be used with just about anything. And the great thing about these moulds - you can use them over and over, thousands of times.

The moulds are very soft and flexible and can easily go from as high as 450 degrees to the freezer without affecting the mould! Unlike other silicone moulds ours are resistant to rips and tears! Best of all, they are odourless and nothing sticks to them.