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Crystal Candy JAZZLEE Platinum Lace Mat

Jazlee Sugarveil Mat
Dimensions: 350 x 80mm

Lace Moulds for use with Crystal Lace icing

Silicone Moulds for Lace Mats, Celebration Patterns
Our Range of Molds for Edible Lace Mats & Decorations

Decorating cakes, wedding cakes or any of the many bake products you could think of, with real lace-like finishes, that is also edible, can be the difference between glorious success and mediocrity.

We make Moulds for lace mats, borders and edging that makes creating classy finishes a breeze. Our silicone molds are easy to work with, are made of food grade-silicone and can be used with a number of "ingredients", from fondant to SugarVeil, biscuit to chocolate. The end product is itself flexible and pliable, so it is just your imagination you need to add - our moulds will do the rest.

Celebrations / Patterns & Shapes Moulds

You can wrap lace around cakes, float a doily on a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, seperate your patterns and bend (or shape) them to suit your project. Use pieces of one with another. Our range of patterns are versatile and by owning a few of these designer moulds, you can create a vast number of finishes, including for occasions (such as Christmas), use our butterflies, twirls, shapes, and doilies to create your desired finish.

Imagine a doily shape Crystal Lacepattern floating on top of a served mug of coffee. Melting slowly. Sure to start a conversation. :-)

How long will the Crystal Lace doily last in your coffee? It will be fully "melted" within 90 seconds.

Watch this short video tutorial that has been prepared for you.