It has been a serious effort. To say it has taken months is a bit of an understatement. It is hard to imagine our old site held over 11,000 products in it, some great and some not so great.  So, it was time to get things moving and to renew.

We know you will love to move around this new site, we have spent alot of time figuring out how to structure our products so that they are easy to find, and even easier to purchase - after all, that is why you stopped by isn't it?

Our old site served us well, don't get me wrong.  It is just that our old e-commerce platform was not being updated any longer by the developers so it was time for us to shape up. Here are some of the changes we hope you notice right up front.

There should be way less 'out of stock notices' cause believe me that annoys us just as much as it does you.  The search function has improved 10 fold and is now much more responsive to our cake decorating terms.  The catalogue has expanded in some ways, and contracted in others. Mainly - you will notice that lots of the products that were previously showing as out of stock, are no longer held or have been replaced by a more up to date item.  This allows us to keep our products fresh and moving, and then we are able to offer you our favourite products at competititve prices, and as always at Cake Decorating Central, service that is second to none.

Over the coming weeks you will also see interviews with our favourite guest decorators with inside tips and tricks that will help to take your decorating to the next level. So sit back, grab a cuppa and have a look around.  We hope you will be as happy with what you see as we are.

Cake Decorating Central Team